Insucon Cables & Cond. Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1995 and is engaged in manufacturing Electrical Wires & Cables in accordance with the Corporate objectives of Quality Control. Perfection and Professionalism. Insucon Cables & Cond. Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as a force to reckon with , in less than a decade.

 INSUCON is leading manufacturer of a wide range of Power, Control, Singaling, Aerial  Bunch and Telecommunication Cables including FR, FRLS & Low Halogen Cables with PVC & XLPE marketed under the "DECON" brand. INSUCON'S modern plant is accredited with ISO 9001:2000 Certification and is located at Jaipur, capital of the industrialy advanced and peaceful State of Rajasthan. The plant has well established production lines, modern quality control facilities, technical assistance wing and well planned plant utility and off site facilities. This is augmented by a team of dedicated, experiencedand well qualitied Managers, Enginers and support staff. The Company has always enjoyed excellent industrial relations.


In 1997 INSUCON imported state of the art Plant & Machinery to manufacture Low Voltage Power Cables in the 1.1 KV grade. INSUCON now has an integrated cable manufacturing plant with facilities from wire drawing to packing of the finished products under one roof and produces cables of high quality.



The testing and quality control section offers facilities to carry out all routine acceptance and type test as per Indian as well as International Standards, at Our well equipped laboratory under the supervision of qualified engineers and experts. INSUCON has implemented extensive quality assurance and quality control programme.

INSUCON product range includes high quality Wires & Cables as per  Indian, British and various other International Standards like IEC, ASTM, VDE, DIN. INSUCON has also designed, manufactured, tested and supplied Wires & Cables meeting specifications of various customers for special requirement. Our products have been successfully type tested at CPRL, NTH and various government recognized test labortories.